Ball RG Pastorelli 16cm Junior Plain BAP-U-J1




Ball Pastorelli Junior



Varnished rubber

Rubber eraser with active rebound even at low pressure.

Excellent grip, optimal roundness which avoids vibrations during throwing and rolling.

The Pastorelli ball is intended to be used solely and exclusively for rhythmic gymnastics training and competitions on floor carpets.

Use on any other surface should be avoided, otherwise it will lose its technical and aesthetic characteristics.

It is recommended to store it in its bag immediately after use. The ball must not be deflated during the trip so as not to compromise its technical and aesthetic qualities. In case of inflation, well lubricate the needle.

Do not inflate the balloon beyond the pressure it comes with.

The article is guaranteed only if it is used correctly and in compliance with these provisions.

Watch out for inflation! Pastorelli ball must not be “over-inflated” at the risk of deforming it and losing the “grip”. Also avoid temperature differences, do not store next to a heat source or in the cold.

Please note: The Pastorelli brand only guarantees its products for 14 days after the date of delivery to your home.

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Weight 0,8 kg



Black, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, White

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