Aurora Borealis Mirror 11m Tape – 11MAB



Decorative Glossy Mirror tape aurora borealis

With paper backing

Format : Roll

Width: 1.9 cm

Length : 11 m


Roll of mirror-finish decorative tape, with aurora borealis reflections.

Flexible: for decorating cone-shaped equipment (such as GR GRS rhythmic gymnastics hoops and clubs, Hula-Hoop hoops, Twirling and Majorette sticks, circus clubs, fishing lures, bicycle frames and helmets, etc…..) and all other flat surfaces.
Resistant: for repeated handling.
Smooth: for a soft, pleasant feel.
Glossy: to illuminate all the items you decorate. Its brilliance is optimal in sunlight or under artificial light (led, spotlight, neon, spotlight, gymnasium or indoor environments…).
Colorful: for a unique choice of personalization.
Qualitative: for controlled application, a protective paper backing is positioned on the back of the adhesive tape.
Repositionable: for adjustable application, this tape features an adhesive glue that can be repositioned in case of application error.
Design: for an aesthetic decoration that will enhance your equipment.

Length: 11m
Width: 1.9cm
Format: roll
With paper support


Recommended use 1: In sports practice, we strongly advise against using your decorated equipment outside carpeting or the playing field, as rubbing on hard or abrasive floors could cause premature damage to the tape surface.

Tip 2: For tapered parts, reinforce the tape ends with our super-transparent tape to prevent the ends from coming unstuck during use.

Tip 3: Store away from: direct UV light, high temperatures.

Tip 4: To extend the life of adhesive tape, we recommend covering it with our super-transparent protective film, particularly for sports use (e.g. stopping Rhythmic Gymnastics hoops that are subject to premature wear and tear due to backlash and repeated rubbing).

Information: The length of 11 meters x 1.9 cm has been designed to allow the complete decoration of a competition Rhythmic Gymnastics hoop (18 mm diameter section and 85 cm inner diameter). The roll can also be used to decorate a pair of clubs (approx. 4.5m to decorate a pair of 45cm clubs (approx. 1.2m for the neck and 1.1m for the body for 1 club 45cm) and approx. 4m to decorate a pair of 41cm clubs (approx. 1m for the neck and 1m for the body for 1 club 41cm)).

Additional information

Weight 0,05 kg

02 Silver Pink AB, 04 Gold Pinkish AB, 10 Pink Orange Golden AB, 13 Fushia Bluish AB, 14 Magenta Red Gold AB, 17 Silver Turquoise AB, 18 Royal Blue Silvery AB, 22 INDIGO Blue, 29 Blue Green Golden AB, 31 Green Golden AB, 46 Grenadian Gold