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This first Apparatus Control Table approved by the International Gymnastics Federation has allowed Robert Gauthier to be present as apparatus control manager at International Tournaments, Europe Championships of Bucarest and World Championships of: Alicante 1993, Paris 1994, Vienna 1995, Budapest 1996, Seville 1998, Budapest 2003.

Robert Gauthier, Eurogym International’s Managing Director and gymnastics loyal servant since 1988, has made a handsome contribution to setting up and improving numerous products

In addition to being the inventor of new hoops, half-shoes and ropes, Robert Gauthier is the exclusive distributor of the popular leotards Milka.

More importantly, he is the inventor of the Rhythmic Apparatus Control Table : the world’s first accurate and complete device which can be used for beginners as well as for high level gymnasts.

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